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Digital Design // Static but pragmatic

this is the most common form of design nowadays and even though, I'm sure you've heard from your nephew that videos are taking over and while that does have truth to it, static imagery still have a large role to play. Splitting your campaign into two phases where the first phase is video centric and the second phase is image centric tends to work the best.



showing an audience a video ad followed by a static image ad has a 31% higher chance of converting that audience

Source: Facebook

Web design & Mobile design

More often than not, social media platforms work as a great method to find the right audience for your brand. However, in the long run, having a place designed and optimized for your brand is the way to go and that's where your website plays a role. The most important thing most people seem to miss is that design is not objective, what works in one instance might utterly fail in another, i.e. a traditional consultancy firms' website should not look the way a contemporary BNPL's website does because the audience viewing the consultancy website would be completely turned off by it and of course, vice versa. Mobile design in this case plays the exact same role however visually and practically optimized for those viewing on mobile phones.

Illustrations & Graphic Art

Illustrations and graphic art are not just for posters anymore, more and more brands have begun to use interesting and "cute" illustrations/graphic art to represent their brand or functions of their brand, even brands that have a very serious tone are not averse to using them because of two simple reasons; brand personality and brand anthropomorphizing and what these two concepts specifically mean is less important than what their function is, which is to appeal the brand to the right audience in a manner that makes them view the brand as genuine, empathetic and of course, positive. The only real difference between illustrations and graphic art is the medium over which they are created, graphic art is usually the result of a mix of platforms whereas illustrations are usually vector-based shapes drawn on Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Ads

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this page, static, digital ads still have a huge role in ad campaigns however the nuance to consider is that they are also the easiest one making them low-hanging fruit, platforms like Canva and such make it very easy for anyone to create static, digital ads. However, its very important to consider that people are rather desensitized to static ads which makes it harder for your brand to appeal to an audience. This is where the designs creativity but some crucial questions to ask about the designs are, "do they follow basic design principles?", "does it have the right hierarchy?", "would your selected audience be drawn in by the overall design and choice of words?"

Let's get to work!

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